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Every dollar counts. We don’t nominate donation levels because the decision to donate is a personal one.

Every donor has their own reasons for supporting Parkinson’s Disease research and services. Some have a personal connection with the disease, either having been diagnosed themselves or having a family member, friend or colleague with Parkinson’s. Others recognise that research into the causes of the disease has been underfunded and wish to help restore the balance. Regardless of the reason behind each donation, every donor can take comfort from the fact that 100% of all general donations are applied to supporting research or Parkinson’s service organisations – the running costs of the Foundation are fully met by the Friends of the Fred Binns Parkinson’s Foundation, a small group of supporters who underwrite the Foundation’s operating costs.

We understand that each donor has a preferred method of donating; a one off donation, a regular donation plan (monthly or annual) or a bequest. We do not advocate any particular form of giving and are delighted to work with every donor to facilitate their preferences.

Please complete the form below – If you would like to discuss becoming a Friend of the Fred Binns Parkinson’s Foundation, please use the Contact Us form.


Support us in our mission to raise money to fund Parkinson's Disease research and services. Every dollar counts and the work of the Foundation allows researchers and service providers to spend more time finding a cure for the disease and helping sufferers rather than fundraising.

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