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Movie Night Fundraiser

On the evening of Thursday, 8 November 2017, the Fred Binns Parkinson’s Foundation hosted a fundraising event at the State Cinema as one of its regular activities conducted to raise money for the advancement of research into Parkinson’s Disease.

On offer was the yet to be shown film “Murder on the Orient Express”; to add to the magic of the evening, this was on the day of the film’s release in Tasmania, only a week after its worldwide premiere at the Albert Hall in London, and a full 24 hours ahead of its first showing in the United States.

A cheerful band of happy supporters gathered for a glass of wine, good company and the opportunity to enjoy this premiere showing of the Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel. It had been advertised as a lavish production and with the stunning scenery of the film, and the lively atmosphere and warm embrace of Hobart’s iconic State Cinema.

Poirot was typically enigmatic, the mystery of the murder as seductive and distracting as when first penned by Agatha Christie, the setting romantic and the adventure alluring; and as conversation built over coffee after the movie, the debates started about which of the film adaptations did a better job. In the final scene as the small Belgian detective departed the train, a not too subtle hint was dropped about the potential for another film to follow. Whether this is or is not to be, we can promise there will be another film evening to raise money for Parkinson’s research.

The lucky draw prizes given out by Di Binns on completion of the film were won by Anne Loring, Deborah Beswick, David Steele, Wendy Hudson and Andrew Koolhof. Our thanks to the State Cinema and supporters of the Foundation for providing the prizes.

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